Hardcover Strategy Guides For Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2

Right now you can pre order hardcover strategy guides for two of the biggest Wii U releases this year, Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2.  The books are to be made by strategy guide legend Prima, who make most strategy guides including all of the beautiful Zelda hardbacks. Right now the artwork has not been released for these strategy guides and on amazon the books art is just a black hard cover book with the Hyrule Warriors or Bayonetta 2 logo on it, so hopefully we will get some awesome artwork to go with them.

The Amazon page says the Hyrule Warriors book will include a bonus eGuide that lets you Get access to your guide from any PC or mobile device but that is not stated for the Bayonetta 2 guide.

Other than that, the Hyrule Warriors guide states that it has a bonus section which “Includes an extensive behinds the scenes section, giving a closer look at the art behind Hyrule Warriors” and that it has “Details on how to prepare for each battle” and “Complete breakdowns on how to unlock each character.”

The Bayonetta 2 guide suggests that it has “locations revealed for each collectible to help you obtain 100% completion, detailed strategies show you how to improve your ranking to earn Pure Platinum for each chapter.” and helps you to “learn the best ways to fight with new over-the-top weapons, including the Kafka, a bow that shoots poisonous arrows; the Rakshasa, a pair of beautiful katana blades; and a giant rifle-inspired scythe known as the Chernobog’

These guides are available to pre-order on Amazon, just click the respective links. Hyrule Warriors Strategy Guide, Bayonetta 2 Strategy Guide

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