Hacker Ports Homebrew Game to 3DS

YouTube user smea has managed to port a simple game called ‘Yeti3D’ on the Nintendo 3DS. The game was used as a test to demonstrate how he has managed to run it as it’s own channel on the 3DS operating system. This allows him to take full advantage of the 3DS’ hardware and software, such as the GPU and the ability to return to the home menu while running the game.

this video basically showcases what’s possible now that i can edit channels; namely it gives us the ability to run homebrew in a nice self contained way and interface with NATIVE_FIRM in the same way as any commercial game would. this means we can use services for pretty much everything, from FS access to using the GPU, not to mention home menu integration (return to home menu in game etc.).

Smea is not new to hacking Nintendo’s portables, as proven by previous videos documenting the development of a Portal port for the original DS. However, smea admits he is still trying to understand how the 3DS software functions.

For those interested in 3DS homebrew (which is quite interesting, actually) and his progress, check out 3DBrew.


Thanks to Matt for letting us know about the video.

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