Gunman Clive 2 Delay Imminent

Haven’t heard much about Gunman Clive 2 as of late, but creator Bertil Hörberg broke the silence when he recently proposed that his western platforming sequel might see a delay:

While it’s never fun to hear that a game has to spend a little more in the development oven, it’s certainly not the worst thing. The actual worst case scenario would be if the title were horribly rushed to meet its release date, but Hörberg is not one to compromise on quality. He’s a meticulous game designer and his work on the spectacular Bionic Commando Rearmed and of course the first Gunman Clive prove as much.

Having said all that, Hörberg confirmed he’s working his tail off to get Gunman Clive 2 out the door ASAP:

Whenever it comes out, the cowboy’s follow-up is sure to be a crowd-pleaser what with all the dinosaurs, samurais, and dandy gentlemen–just check out the game’s trailer, it’ll all make sense soon:

See? Aren’t you glad you watched that? I am. I am glad for you. And so are those ducks. They’re pretty jazzed too.

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