A Guide to Secret Bases in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

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Whether you’ve played Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire or even Pokémon Emerald on the Game Boy, Super-secret bases have been hidden in the most unlikely places all over Hoenn. These super-secret bases, weirdly enough, have remained exclusive to those titles only. Until now tht is. We’re now currently in Gen VI, and super-secret bases have made an amazing return!

So if you’re playing Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, just what are Super-secret bases? Simply put, they’re small rooms within everyday natural structure such as caves, trees, and even wackier places such as bushes. Odd.

“How does one come across these bases?” you may find yourself asking. These areas are marked on your map using the DexNav giving you a general idea of where potential bases are located for you to explore. Once you go to your preferred area, you must search for locations marked by a small black dot. They aren’t hard to find, so you’ll spot them almost instantly. Bushes that can be turned into bases stick out as well, so you won’t have to worry about finding places to creepily spy on others ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Secret Bases Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Along your journey, you’ll cross Route 111. A mysterious explorer named Aarune will stop you and explain more about super-secret bases. He’ll even demonstrate to you how to reveal a secret base by yourself (using TM94 “Hidden Power”). Once you teach TM94 to a Pokémon that can lear the move, you’ll begin your search for a base that fits your needs/tastes.

I have my secret base and to be honest, it ain’t lookin’ so pretty right now. Just before Aarune departs, he’ll provide you with several items to start decorating home sweet home (more like Hoenn sweet Hoenn). There are several places you may visit to purchase goods such as mats, Poké-dolls, cushions, desks, chairs, and even posters. Be sure to visit the Secret Base Guild in Fortree City, the market in Slateport city, and the amazing Lilycove City department store! These locations will all provide you with tons of awesome goodies ‘n’ swagger.Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Bases

“Hey, I purchased a couple items and they aren’t in my bag, what?” That’s because all furniture items you buy are transported to your Secret PC in your base. Ladies and gents, I present to you the beauty of Hoenn technology! Simply select the Decorate my Base option from your Secret PC and choose from a list of furniture items you have purchased. Get creative and don’t be afraid to be that one trainer with an endless amount of Poké-dolls!

If you’re getting lonely and want to visit other bases, there are currently three methods for receiving Secret Bases from other trainers. You may connect to the PSS on your DexNav to receive a handful of other trainer’s secret base data that is automatically placed into your game. You can simply take out your map and hunt down the other bases that have arrived.  The second option is to StreetPass with fellow OR/AS players.


When you walk by a fellow player that has also made a base, their data is automatically placed into your game. Be sure to “favorite” any secret bases you love, because if you receive another players secret base data, it will overwrite the previous trainer’s data! The third option is handy and efficient. Using your 2DS/3DS camera, you may scan a QR Code of a trainer’s base. These are usually found online, and in the future, Nintendo will send out exclusive QR Codes that will open many secret areas from within the game. To get you started on QR Codes, I have conveniently uploaded my Secret Base. (Note, it takes 24 hours for the base to appear after a QR Code has been scanned).

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Always Nintendo

If at any point I update my base, and you have it marked as a favorite, the changes will automatically be updated once you have connected to the PSS again. Side note: any registered trainer on your friends will have their bases automatically placed into your game once you’ve connected to PSS at least once.

Another cool addition to the game(s) is Secret Pals. Secret Pals are other trainers that you have visited and kindly asked to be your Secret Pal. Secret Pals are very handy indeed. They provide many skills, and battle you once daily to get training in as well. Their various skills depend on the type of trainer they are. Here’s a list of possible trainers and skills they can provide for you.

Aroma Lady Fairy Tale Girl
Ace Trainer Guitarist
Battle Girl Hex Maniac
Beauty Hiker
Black Belt Lady
Camper Lass
Delinquent Ninja Boy
Expert Picknicker
Poké Fan Pokémon Breeder
Pokémon Ranger Rich Boy
Schoolkid Street Thug


Coach Raises the Effort Value (EV) by one point of a selected Pokémon in your party.
Builder Will randomly build you a secret base item.
Berry-Famer Send them out to search and find one random berry for you.
Fortune-Teller Gives you a random O-Power.
Nester Warms up an egg for you, which makes it closer to hatching!
Masseuse Can give your Pokémon a gentle massage which makes it a little friendlier towards you!
Personal Trainer Raises your Pokémon by one level, only one from your party!
Picker-Upper They will find you one item; can be basic and common, or extremely valuable!
Treasure Hunter Finds you a very nice item!
Stoner Searcher Heads outside to find you a stone for evolution. (Water, Fire, etc.)

Next to every Secret PC is a flag. As you visit Secret Bases, feel free to grab that trainer’s flag. The game keeps a tally system of how many flags you’ve captured. Good things come to those who collect many, so be sure to ask Aarune in Fortree Tree city to examine how many you’ve collected, and receive information on how much more you need to make some pretty cool items appear.



What are you waiting for? Get back to catching ’em all, but be sure to stop and create an epic base or two whilst you’re at it.

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