Your Guide to “Amiibogeddon”

Amiibo Nintendo E3 2014

Nintendo’s Wave 2 amiibo are here, or they would be if you could find them. Supposedly launched on December 14th, the roster of Zelda, Little Mac, and Diddy Kong are all but impossible to find across retailers. This is just the latest development in a stew of amiibo hunting that began on November 21st, when 12 figures launched alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Just because you can’t find those figures just yet, don’t despair. Your friends at Always Nintendo are here to remind you of what amiibo are currently out, what’s coming out next year, and how to find them.

Wave 1


The Easy-to-Find: Mario, Peach, Pikachu, Link, Yoshi, and Kirby

Odds are, you can walk into virtually any retailer carrying amiibo, and the above will be there. Target, GameStop, Toys R Us, Best Buy, and Wal Mart are all suppliers of these common figures. As Nintendo has stated, they intend to keep the popular characters in stock forever. However, odds are you already got them, or you have no interest in them. No, what you seek are the rare, the mysterious…


The Harder-to-Find: Donkey Kong, Samus, Fox

This trio of amiibo toys are also part of Wave 1, and are consistently available. But in the wake of Wave 2, there’s been rumblings that DK, Samus and Fox may be discontinued to make shelf space. So it’s best if you pick up these figures now, before they become…


The Discontinued: Marth, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer

This is where the devastation of “amiibogeddon” began, with the sacred three that became scarce within days of Smash Bros.’ release. Marth was the first to go extinct, followed closely by Animal Crossing’s Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer. Because Nintendo hardly manufactured these characters, and let them disappear within days of release, people who want them now are forced to turn to scalpers on ebay and the like. Nintendo could have made more money first-hand if they trusted the popularity of these niche characters, but we’ll never know quite why they made so few of them.

Wave 2


The Easy-to-Find: Zelda

So far, Zelda is stupidly easy to stumble across. That is, at Target and Toys R Us. Since this past Thursday, those two retailers seem thus far to be the only ones carrying Princess Zelda in the amiibo aisle, and in plentiful supply. For some reason, Nintendo seems to only have confidence in her selling any new figures, putting a premature kibosh on…


The Impossible-to-Find: Diddy Kong, Little Mac

OK Nintendo, this is getting silly. This author has seen all of one Diddy Kong at a local Target, and then, poof, it’s gone. A solitary Little Mac was seen, and purchased by myself, at GameStop. It seems these additions to Wave 2 are going to be gone before they can be carried at a retailer near you. Anecdotal evidence has pointed to Best Buy holding back Little Mac until December 19th, for unknown reasons. Remember, these just came out Be prepared to hunt, fellows, and keep an eye out for…


Situation Unknown: Pit, Captain Falcon, Luigi

Now this is weird: Target has advertised the 14th as the release date of amiibo Wave 2, and yet, these three are not on the shelves. Toys R Us purportedly got Pit figures, but they seemed to sell out before the morning even begun. You travel to GameStop, and they’ll tell you these three got delayed. Oh, and that they are only available to pre-orders. Nintendo is apparently shipping these three amiibo later on in December, so if you want them from a store, you better be prepared. Oh, and all online stores are completely sold out of pre-orders on Pit and Captain Falcon (except Luigi on Whether or not all three of them will be the next Marth remains to be seen.

Wave 3


Sold-Out Pre-Orders: Lucario, Rosalina and Luma, Meta Knight, probably Shulk

What these four amiibo have in common is retailer-exclusivity. That’s probably why fans made a mad rush to pre-order the limited stock on all these figures. So where do you get all these wonderful toys? Meta Knight is exclusive to Best Buy, Lucario is from Toys R Us, Rosalina is a Target-exclusive, and Shulk is from GameStop. All four should drop in February 2015, and odds are, they will be in highly-short supply to anyone who failed to pre-order. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

the rest

The Rest of Wave 3: Bowser, Mega Man, Sonic, Ike, King Dedede, Toon Link, Sheik

Finally, you can still pre-order these above figures, but there’s no telling what the retail stock situation will become. All of Wave 3 is expected in February 2015, and hopefully by then, Nintendo will give shelf space to these newcomers that has been occupied by the commoners in Wave 1 for too long. Just be warned: Ike from Fire Emblem is destined to become as rare as Marth on Day-1, so pre-order now or else.

Hopefully, this helps anyone out there hungry to collect some amiibo. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only way to obtain the upcoming figures is to pre-order, because no retailer is going to help you in-store. Nintendo has done a poor job communicating with customers about the availability of newer amiibo, and an equally poor job of making all of them equally available. 2015 looks to be pretty lucrative for the toys-to-life amiibo, so plan accordingly, and happy hunting!

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