Great Wii U Features U May Not Have Known About

The Nintendo Wii U has many unique features and options, some of which are practical but others are there for convenience. Did you know about these Wii U features?

While your Wii U is turned off it’ll go into a standby mode which will download or install any games or necessary updates for games you have while your system is turned off. This is really convenient as I never have to worry about a game having to update when I turn on my system

Quick Start allows you to start up any game you’ve been playing last in only a few seconds. All you have to do is push the home button on the gamepad and select the last game or app you were using last to start it up. It feels great when you can start up a game before your T.V. even has enough time to turn on.


The Wii U Gamepad is a great controller that allow you to quickly view maps, manage inventory, or do something that would normally make you have to pause the game, load, and go into another screen. With the gamepad you’ll never have to pause the game to do such things. You can use it as an alternate camera or way to view your surroundings in some games, or even blow into the mic to make certain things move in Super Mario 3D World. It’ll also helps to keep the T.V. screen less cluttered with HUD in some games such as ZombiU or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

zelda map

Miiverse is Nintendo’s own social network service. On Miiverse you can post your very own comments, pictures, or drawings on specific communities for certain games or a games series. Whenever I start a game I like to post a picture and give an early opinion of the game on Miiverse. In some games like Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8 you can unlock stamps of certain in game characters or items once completing certain requirements. You can post these stamps on Miiverse as a symbol of your accomplishment. On Miiverse others within the community can comment or give a “Yeah” to your posts. You can follow others if you’re interested in seeing what they post and see what your friends are up to as well with their games. Miiverse a great way to integrate a service which feels like a social network bringing those playing the same games and system as yourself.


Using the Wii U gamepad as a Wii Sensor Bar is something you can do when playing playing Wii games on your Wii U system. The gamepad can act as your main screen and sensor if you want it to. Due to this features specifically I find it really easy to lay down with a Wiimote and just play Brawl off of the gamepad directly.

ssb wii u

You can play all your favorite Wii games on the Wii U via backwards compatibility, or the feature to play last-gen games on a current gen system. This is great because you don’t have to worry about having your Wii hooked up any more when you wanna play your favorite Wii games. Also Wii games look better on the Wii U as they are cleaner and a little less fuzzy than they may have looked when you originally played them.

What is your favorite feature that the Wii U provided? Did you know about all of these? Are there any features that you like that I may not have mentioned? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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