Gravity Badgers Review (Wii U eShop)

Gravity Badgers is a simple physics puzzler with a very bland feel. It feels like Angry Birds: Space, but with a few more tricks ( Pipes, Portals, Switches Etc.). Your goal is to navigate to a Worm Hole by avoiding/using stage hazards to your advantage, while attempting to collect 3 optional orbs/stars. A lot of these levels feel more like trial and error than a puzzle. Alternately, you may just need to launch to a specific spot for the level to complete itself. There are a few levels with a genuine challenge, but not nearly enough to keep you satisfied until the end. Groups of levels are broken up by Boss Battles, however, over time these begin to feel repetitive (and then just frustrating). The story is almost non-existant, although there are a few cut scenes here and there. Strange, given how much back story is written out for each character in the digital manual. On a side note, This game advertises Miiverse integration. However, it only appears as a button on the title screen that lets you post directly to the Miiverse community. It seems utterly pointless and is should have not been included at all. As far as controls go, Wales Interactive allowed the option of touch screen control and button control. Another option is the ability to toggle what sounds come through the GamePad. I couldn’t find a use for them…but they were neat nonetheless. You can also use a Wii U Pro Controller, if that’s your preference. Functionally, The controls worked as well as you needed them to, an apparent problem some people had. I didn’t notice. The visuals range are smack in the middle of mediocre and nice. You can tell some art assets were drawn by different artists because a high quality looking planetoid with a lower quality asteroid orbiting it stood out to me like a sore thumb. For the most part the visuals serve their purpose without exceeding or failing in any considerable way. The music in this game is abysmal. A small loop of synth beeps accompanies just about every level, save for boss battles which has its own small instrument loop that, too, wears thin in a small amount of time. The only music I liked was an awesome, campy title theme. It had me and my friends yelling “GRAVITY BADGERS!!!!” (with an accompanying air guitar solo) all night long. Unfortunately, That too is marred by a low quality compression and a poor job of looping. If we could get a MP3 release of that song, I’ll bump this review up another point. ;)

All and all, Gravity Badgers is a pretty “meh” game.  It’s too close to Angry Birds: Space to feel like it’s a different experience, while at the same time still adding a little bit to that formula of gameplay. I can only recommend this game to fans of physics puzzlers and badgers in space (However, I can recommend it’s theme song to everyone on the planet). I give Gravity Badgers a 5.5/10.

Gravity Badgers Review (Wii U eShop)
Sound and Music3.5
Replayability 5.5
  • 40 levels
  • Low price point
  • Nice controls
  • Weak music
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Wavering challenge
5.5Overall Score
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