Graphite Labs Bringing Sci-Fi Multiplayer Shooter ‘Hive Jump’ to the Wii U

Hive Jump Wii U

Always Nintendo contacted Indie Game Developer Graphite Labs a few months back asking if they would bring their action packed Sci-Fi shooter titled Hive Jump to the Wii U, and we weren’t able to get much information. Well, we now have some newly released information that we think you’ll enjoy, but first take a look at this trailer:

Cool, right?

Always Nintendo is glad to announce that Graphite Labs will be bringing the Multiplayer shooter, Hive Jump to the Wii U! Check out what Graphite Labs had to say below:

They also said:

It definitely will! Will you be picking up this game when it’s released on the Wii U? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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 Graphite Labs Bringing Sci Fi Multiplayer Shooter Hive Jump to the Wii U

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