Gone Home No Longer In Development For Consoles

Last August, a Nintendo Unity presentation stealthily announced that the indie PC darling Gone Home was coming to Wii U. That was last August, however, and we’ve heard little on the status of the release since. Sadly, the chance of a console was not to last. In a live stream with Kinda Funny Games, the game’s designer Steve Gaynor revealed that the console port of Gone Home is “not actively in development” due to financial issues with the port’s publisher, Majesco.

And, unfortunately, we don’t have exciting, good news about that, I wish I did. Yeah, it’s been quite a while, and as you kind of sensed, there’s been some delays and maybe you have seen some things that have changed with Majesco.

At this point, unfortunately, I have to acknowledge that Gone Home for console is not actively in development any longer. That deal with Majesco has sadly come to an end. So, we don’t really know what that means for Gone Home for console for us. In the immediate term, it’s no longer a going thing.

Rather than focus on a home port of a proven game, publisher The FullBright Company instead is putting its weight on their next game, Tacoma. Tell us what you think of Gone Home‘s  tragic cancellation in the comments, and if you have any hope left for a Wii U release.

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