Gold and Silver Mario Amiibo Spotted Via Nintendo’s Website

As if the continued amiibo drought in North America wasn’t bad enough, we may soon be facing a greater enemy: limited edition variants. This afternoon, a couple of images popped up on Nintendo’s own website, as CPSIA certificates, showing unannounced Gold and Silver versions of Mario. The pages have since been deleted, adding credence to the amiibo’s future existence.

The Mario in question is based on his upcoming Mario Party 10 amiibo, which has so far been confirmed to be included in a Mario Party 10 bundle. No standalone version of Mario’s new amiibo has a release date, but it should pop up after Mario Party 10 is released.


An example of the CPSIA documentation

For those who don’t know, CPSIA stands for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Why these amiibo were shown as CPSIA certificates may have to do with their gold and silver paint, thus Nintendo would have to submit them to an official regulator to prove that they are safe for usage. Sometimes, toy manufacturers have fallen prey to a product that poses a hazard to young users, particularly infants. Look to here for examples of what Nintendo would like to avoid, including some paint-related mishaps.


Also missing is any sort of official announcement for these Gold and Silver Mario amiibo. It’s probable that Nintendo simply uploaded the pages for business reasons, and didn’t count on anyone discovering them accidentally. Now that we have, all we can do is salivate, waiting on a pre-order page or an official announcement. How would you like to see variant amiibo figures? What would the best way be to obtain them? Share us your thoughts in the comments.

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