Gold Mario Amiibo Confirmed For Wal-Mart, Sells Out Instantly

Fans of amiibo had good reason to be excited this morning. Following rumors of the worst-kept secret in toydom, Nintendo confirmed the release of the Gold Mario amiibo, exclusive to 3,000 Wal-Mart locations in North America. It will retail for the typical amiibo price point of $12.96.

As many would expect, the newest “Limited Edition” amiibo sold out fast on pre-orders, in 15 minutes to be exact. Wal-Mart later canceled any orders of more than one figure, correcting scalper behavior to an extent.


The Gold Mario amiibo marks Nintendo’s first foray into limited edition amiibo. It has been rumored for a while since official safety documents were discovered on Nintendo’s website earlier in February. While nothing has been said about the alternate Silver Mario, the Gold Mario will launch alongside Mario Party 10 on March 20th. Unless pre-orders are ever open again, get ready to camp out the night before release. And let us know if you were fortunate enough to snag a pre-order in the comments.

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