Nano Gems #5: Nintendo’s Overlooked Treasures

Look, there’s free music, so you better damn well check this out!

We’re on our fifth one so far in this series and we’ve covered a lot of nano-sized gems, and yes, they’re generally nano-sized.  Insignificant to the rest of the world, but not to us.  Well, probably us too, but at least the Nintendo neurons in our brain, which are generally associated with happiness, fire off when we see these little guys.  So, yeah, take a look.  But seriously, it’s a nice list and it’s better to waste 5 minutes here checking out all the good stuff you missed on the internet in one nice convenient place than to go through the messy spiderweb of social media that rules your every waking moment.  Besides, Charle’s Martinet has another new video…

Nano-Gems #5

1. Gamecube Trivia

It’s hard to believe this system actually feels “old” now, but, it kinda is, and that’s exactly why you need a refresher course in Gemcube 101.  Some things you may have know, others probably not.  For example, I think we all knew about the squeaky noise that played when you held the “Z” button down upon starting the system up, but did you know that there is another sequence that unravels when you hold it down on all four controllers at once?  Well, that’s exactly what “Did you know?-Gaming” is all about!


2. Strange Mario and Luigi

Comedians try too hard these days to be funny.  Couple that with the fact that if there is any videogame mascot that has over-saturated the inter-webs more than any other, it is definitely Mario.  So, when short, strange, odd, and sloppy comics like this one comes along, it’s very refreshing.  Hopefully this 2 minute video can give you a worthwhile laugh on your lunch break.


3. Mario-Flavored Yogurt

What the hell happened to Gogurt?  I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t give a damn.  Do you?  Really?  You still eat yogurt?  Okay! Well check out this link then??  Eat yogurt and win a 2DS.  Plus, you can do it while replenishing your calcium and vitamin-D!  MMMMMmmmmm….It still tastes like plain old yogurt….?


4. Happy Meal Please

Mario Kart Happy Meal toys have already been made available in America, but now they’ve popped up in Australia as well.  What significance does this possible have on your daily life?  In fact, I’m seriously thinking, like just right now, that I should name this series “Insignificant Gems.”  But I mean, it’s still cool.!?  Well, I think so, and if you’re reading hopefully you agree in the same way we do (there’s bound to be some group of people out their on the same wave length).  Anyways, Nintendo making significant strides in advertising is actually something quite new not only this generation, but for Nintendo as a whole, and it may prove to be an important catalyst for Mario Kart and Nintendo’s current overall mission of reviving former posterity.


5. EarthBound

Anything Earthbound, or “Mother” related, is pretty much always a gem in its own right.  The series is a vestige of the SNES era and the Smash Bros. series at this pont.  Yeah, Ness is in the game, but who knows who he is?  Furthermore, fans, though they may not allow their consciousness to directly affirm it, so as to avoid any kind of symbolic betrayal, like it that way!  He’s the most arcane character on the roster, has almost always had one of the most unique move-sets, and is still allowed in the game.  Yeah, that’s right, special treatment!  Anyways, proud fans and supporters, here’s yet another video dedicated to yours truly.


6. Metroid Pastel

Look, it’s a Metroid pastel.  What is a pastel?  It sure is a weird-ass word, that’s forsure.  It’s got something to do with art, and colors, and artsy people, I don’t know…But it’s a PASTEL!  From Apple’s built-in Dictionary App: A crayon made of powdered pigments bound with gum or resin.  It’s not Van Gohg, but it’s a dedicated fan who made time, and space in their heart, to let Nintendo be a part of their private domain of lucid imagery and consciousness, and that’s the most we could expect from any fan.  That’s as well as I can explain it, hopefully you dig it.  Plus, it’s somebody’s wife, yeah, a girl gamer (That seems to get peoples attention these days).



7. Banjo Kazooie OST Pay What You Want

The Banjo-Kazooie Original Soundtrack is being helmed up on Bandcamp by Grant Kirkhope, one of the main guys in charge of the music production for the series.  The catch-22 though (is there an antonym for this word?) is that you don’t have to pay a dime, or you can pay as many damn dimes as you want, pay in yen for all I friggin care, but give it a go, will ya?  Especially if you’re a videogame music enthusiast like myself.  I honestly don’t know of any other instances like this for any other game so it’s definitely a token of appreciation coming from the former good guys at Rare.



8. Charles Martinet

If you can remember from the first Gem we produced, Martinet has let loose in his older age and is putting on weekly puppet shows on his new Instagram account starring Mario and Luigi, with occasionaly cameos from Wario or even Daisy every now and then.  His latest episode, “It’s not lake sneeze, it’s lake Louise!”

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Check out the rest of the series below!  Remember, they’re still new gems if you haven’t seen em!  Something like that.

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