Nano Gems #4: Nintendo’s Overlooked Treasures

What philosophical truths is Samus Aran hiding from us?

We’ve got yet another round of nano-gems and this time we’re covering everything from a wicked Samus Aran cosplay costume, forgotten Super Mario telephones, and a Nintendo A Cappella cover artist whose been going strong for more than a year now!  Let us know in the poll what you think is the shiniest gem of them all.  And of course, by all means let me know what gems we’ve missed out on; we’ll do our darnest to cover it in the next update (Which we’ll try to make more often!).  And if this still doesn’t fill your gem fix, then check out our previous entries at the end.

Nano-Gems #4

1. Fan/Hand-Made Gestures of Love

Let’s kick things off with a collage of fan/hand-made creations.  Perhaps most impressive of the pictures below is the Samus Aran cosplay costume.  There’s something about a real-life Samus that just inspires awe so much more than a plumber (It must be that metallic finish).  On the other end of the spectrum we have an absolutely adorable 1-Up rug and Mario-themed hand-made pillow.



2. Gameboy Plus Toy Equals “GameToy”

Some clever fellow thought of combining the two lovely concepts of gameboy and toys.  Why?  I don’t know.  Is this really a feasible mobile platform?  Just pure novelty, but that’s fine and dandy for the purposes of this article!  Tiny Cartridge has paired up the Gameboy with everything from the likes of Ninja Turtles to Darth Vader.  What other action figures do you think would make a perfect pairing?



3. Super Mario RPG Treasure Chest Guide

Why in the heck is this a gem?  Well, to be fair, this is a nano-gem list.  But to be even fairer, how useful would this have been back on our first play-through of Super Mario RPG?  Similar to the outstanding Cult-Classic Earthbound, this game came with a beautifully crafted strategy guide to help assist players through what was already an easy game by RPG standards, let alone old-school RPG standards, but the treasure box guide could be of only so much assistance via a static 2D representation (and that damn Signal Ring that Croco leaves behind in Nimbus Land is even less helpful!).  Furthermore, any video of SMRPG that can rekindle the warm flame of nostalgia is worth it.


4. Been Dying For A Better Way To Keep Track Of Nintendo’s DLC? 

This customer asked the question on Reddit, “why doesn’t Nintendo give us an easy way to know what DLC is coming out?” Well, he did something about this and made a page to do just that.  It looks like Nintendo has officially gotten on this now generation-old bandwagon and is here to stay (maybe), so perhaps this could be of some convenient use now.  Either way, it’s a case of a Nintendo fan taking it upon himself to help out his fellow country-men in times of extraordinary and dire need.  We salute you.  But it is actually a very nicely organized page!  Take a look!



5. Super Mario Telephones

What good is a Mario telephone when he doesn’t even speak?  I mean, outside of “Wa-Ha,” and “Yahoooo,” and “HereeeeWeGOOO,” when could this be of vital importance to you?  But if it ends being so then please suit up.  In this day and age of phones competing to be the most convenient, the most portable, and the smartest, it’s refreshing to see a return of minimalist antiquity wrapped in such cheerful aesthetic.  If you want a brand spank’n new one then check these guys out.  Otherwise, Ebay’s got a whole host of em’, and Halloween is right around the corner after all!

Telephone.3 Telephone.2 Telephone.1


6. Portable N64

It seems any system can be made portable these days with the ever diminishing needs of hardware’s physical skeleton.  I won’t be surprised when we can have portable gamecube games, then Wii games, and then…well what is the Wii U anyways?  Anyhow, until the future arrives we can suffice with this.



7. Samus Aran in “8-Bit Philosophy”

That’s right, in case you didn’t know there is a youtube series out there dedicated towards wrapping up mainstream philosophical topics and concerns into tightly knit videos outfitted in the narrative and aesthetic of video game’s most iconic games.  Most recently we have our author using Samus Aran to help demonstrate the dilemma of “how to define oneself.”


8. A Cappella!

Not necessarily super new, but this may be very new to a lot of you who simply don’t follow the nintendo-fan music scene.  There has been an hippy-looking dude on the internet giving the A Cappella treatment to all of Nintendo’s greatest hits.  Below is just a sample of one of many, though this one is just from a couple months ago.  Ironically it is a very well done and unique take on the cover-genre, but at the same-time it’s relatively the same treatment for each classic that he covers.  Regardless he’s still worth checking out, and his cat tends to make an appearance from time to time if you watch long enough!  And since we’re in the midst of Smash season, this song fits perfectly especially considering it’s more well known in Smash than it is from its original series!


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Check out the rest of the series below!  Remember, they’re still new gems if you haven’t seen em!  Something like that!


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