Nano Gems#3: Nintendo’s Recently Overlooked Artifacts

The Voice Behind Mario and Luigi Has Been Up To Something!

Last time we celebrated everything from Shigesato’s public laceration and mysterious Metroid concept art to the best kazoo renditions around town of Nintendo’s greatest tunes (And before that it was Nintendo underwear and Super Mario 64’s Lego salute!).  This time we’ve found some gems equally as noteworthy and just as varied.  Nintendo is embarking on their first real movie project, if you don’t count that weird “realistic” one from the 90s, and F-Zero GX, somehow, reaches speeds unimaginable!  Let’s examine what others have inconsiderately passed over…

Nano-Gems #3

1. PIKMIN, The Movie


Nintendo is slighted to make an appearance at, of all places, the Tokyo International Film Festival which runs in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills, from Oct 25th to the 31rst.  This is BIG news people.  One, because it’s Nintendo making a foray into something non-video game related which is exciting purely of it’s own sake, and secondly, because one wonders if this is symptomatic of Nintendo’s recent trending towards branching out of video games to tap into other prospective markets.  Could this at all be related to their new umbrella terminology “Quality of Life?”  Amiibo, fitness, vitality sensor, movies…In any case, do yourself a favor and check it out if you’re in town, and if not, keep your eyes peeled here for the latest updates next month!

The film, to be clear, is a set of three short stories which make up “Pikmin Short Movies.”

“The Night Juicer,” in which Captain Olimar makes his favorite juice; “Treasures in a Bottle,” in which Pikmin meet a strange treasure; and “Occupational Hazards,” an adventure at a construction site.

Nintendo’s distinguished Shigeru Miyamoto will unveil the project alongside Dwango chairman Nobuo Kawakami at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The film was actually started as a research project by Miyamoto himself, but was that before Pikmin 3, during, or after?  One can only wonder…


Let’s hope for better

2. Mario “Spikers”

ShyGuyUnseen 64 specializes in unearthing the too-hard-to-find remains of cancelled and beta games from within the industry.  They recently found a doozy this time with the revelation of what appears to have been an attempt at cross-breeding the fan-favorite Mario Strikers series with the likes of volleyball and wrestling.  Take a look in the link and you will see artworks of a game that strikes a more rabid and mature tone, just like Strikers initially did, but perhaps going a bit too far with the incorporation of close-quarter contact; the game may have went against the company’s ambiguous code of honor in relation to all things Mario.


3. Galaxy Remix

Using a Minecraft Note Block arrangement, Youtube Profiler “TheRealSwiftShadow,” was able to pull of a dreamy, minimalistic, and joyfully ambient version of Super Mario Galaxy’s fan favorite track “Gust Garden Galaxy.”  Take a listen for yourself and tell me it’s not intriguing enough to earn a place on our list of nano gems!  Again, it would have otherwise been undeservedly passed over.


4. SNES Reaching New Heights

Talk about fan devotion, this lovee of all things Super Nintendo embarked on a journey to bring his beloved SNES to the highest of all places in Japan; The Top of Mt. Fuji.  He remarked, “The feeling of nature and harmony is freakin; amazing hahahaha.”  We’re sure it was no easy feat climbing the mountain, but to do it with a clunker like our classic SNES must have made it that much harder, and probably, that much more enjoyable.  In one of the photos you’ll see he tops it off by leaving the system up their with Japan’s famous “Asahi Super Dry.”  A lover of beer?  Or just purely for pun?  haha, okay, okay.

SNESFuji.3 SNESFuji.2


5. F-Zero GX Speed Record DESTROYED

F-Zero GX is known as probably one of the hardest games of all time if you haven’t already seen it numerous times on such prior lists.  But, I would venture to say, to unfavorable opinion, that it is probably more intimidating than it is hard.  When you see the action first hand you’ll know why; blazing speeds, break-neck turns, and streaks of lightning rippling by you at every second as your opponents leave you in the dust.  But if the normal version of that gameplay wasn’t enough to scare you away, then this will certainly leave you breathless.  Behold, the latest speed record, BROKEN.


6. Sir Alfred Hitchcock on the NES

Joe Spiotto is a fan of Alfred Hitchcock to say the least, and clearly he’s also a fan of Nintendo; he’s a classic’s aficionado.  In the picture below you’ll see what happens when an artist fuses two of their greatest passions.  But as far as he’s concerned, this may have actually not been so far from reality after all had Nintendo and Hitchcock been just a little bit closer in history than they were.  He explains:

Alfred Hitchcock was a true master. His work was so chilling and visually captivating, there are many options for an artist to interpret his work, which is why i’m so excited for this show! Below is my contribution.

In the 80’s Nintendo was a dominant force to be reckoned with. Had Hitchcock been just a few years behind I’m almost certain that Nintendo would have jumped on the chance to make video-game adaptations of some of his most iconic films. I’m almost certain that their game boxes would have looked a little something like this:


7. TriForce Johnson does something else besides being the first guy in line at the store!

Yeah, that guy!  His full name is actually Isaiah TriForce Johnson, we think, and he’s starting a new series called “Order of Time” where he will interview the most prominent Legend of Zelda fans.  He acknowledges that a similar concept has already taken shape by means of Hyrule Historia, but he is keen to note that this will be a new angle on fan appreciation.

8. Charles Martinet Has Been Up To No Good Recently, And You Had No Idea!

It was only just last month that Charles Martinet discovered Instagram.  With a personality like his it must have been a marriage in heaven because the next thing that happened was a full-steam-ahead barrage of comical dialogue between Mario and Luigi that must have been to off-cuff for Nintendo to use in their most recent works.  I beg you to take a look at his account! Here’s just a preview:


9. Nintendo’s 125th Anniversary

Yes, we did a piece on this already, but there’s no way we can end the count without this little number.  It’s a been a 125 years; from Card making, to Love-tester machines, to video games, and now perhaps even beyond towards “Quality of Life,” Nintendo has done what most companies could have only dreamed of.  Check out the article to get an abbreviated version of their humble beginnings and then wonder where they’ll perhaps be when you’re finally a grown adult.



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