Nano-Gems: The “New” GameBoy Macro, Kazoo Renditions, and More…

That’s right, a GameBoy Macro!

This time we’ve found ourselves with the discovery of a GameBoy Macro, a Yoshi Sculpture made out of beer cans, Earthbound creator, Shigesato Itoi, in a hot mess, the 3DS being used as a guide in the Louvre Museum, Brawl in the Family’s grand finale, mysterious Metroid concept art, and a host of famous Nintendo themes given the Kazoo treatment.  All worthy gems though their nano-sized coverage on typical news sties may have led you to believe otherwise.  Let’s dig in!


1. A Bitter-Sweet string of events for EarthBound Creator, Shigesato Itoi

Shigesato Itoi recently showed his support of Fukushima peaches to over 600,000 followers on Twitter.  No big deal, right?  Well, prior to the Fukushima nuclear disaster this prefecture was very well known for it’s fresh peaches, and now many people are afraid of them to the point where even Singapore and Thailand had bans on them.  However, 3 years later those bans are being lifted and Shigesato similarly feels that at some point we need to stop the nonsense and start eating our damn peaches again.  Twitter, controversy, and celebrities, aren’t always the greatest mix and of course that was similarly the case here with many followers calling him a “horrible person.”  Proudly, though, he did not back down from his stance.  Ironically, this came during the onset of what is EarthBound‘s 20th Anniversary!  After twenty years what are we left with?  The image on the right, which plainly, though exceptionally satisfying for us fans of the series, says(via translation from

It’s been 20 years now since MOTHER 2 came out.
…Are you happy?

・Yes → Me too.
・No → Be happy!!

(Mr. Saturn proceeds to use untranslatable Japanese)

“Desu noda!”


2. Modern Teenagers reacting to the original Nintendo Entertainment System

The video speaks for itself, though it is fascinating to peer back in time to place where beige and grey were the fresh colors of “future” and “technology.”  Some seem to mock the system, though not much, while others actually have a vague familiarity of the console.  That’s more than we could have hoped for!


3. The “New” GameBoy Macro (Emphasis on the Quotes)


Do you have an old or broken Nintendo DS?  Well, hand it over to J-Bit Retro and they’ll mod it into a GameBoy Macro.  Based off the portable and minimalistic design of the novel GameBoy Micro, the GameBoy Macro features a backlit screen, a custom paint job, and is, well, much bigger!  It only plays your GBA classics but hey, you weren’t using that old DS anyways. Additionally, J-Bit Retro is giving away a free copy upon hitting 1000 likes on Facebook.  Go get it!


4. Classic Nintendo Hero’s made from Classic NES Controller Wires


Have you ever felt that those classic NES controller wires had a deeper purpose to them besides enabling you to experience the utter joy of SMB3 or the original Legend of Zelda? Well, your sixth sense was spot on, though it wouldn’t be realized until many decades later. Crafted completely out of the classic controllers, Erika Iris has brought to life some of the most beloved characters to life, from Mario, to Zelda, to the Pac-Man Ghosts. Take a look!


5. Yarn Yosh…errr, I mean BEER Yoshi


Nintendo already made clear they tried out different prototype’s of Yoshi’s new conceptual aesthetic before settling on the element of yarn, but they never mentioned anything about beer cans.  Though Yoshi isn’t the only character that has been brought to life by beer cans.


6. From Google Maps all the way to the Louvre Museum in Paris France


The Louvre Museum in Paris France is taking a bold step in how they are having audiences experience a museum tour. The Louvre Nintendo 3DS XL Audio Guide will track your position, guide you through the museum, and provide 3D photos and HD images of various galleries, artworks, and exhibits, all in the comfort of your familiar 3DS.  It’s also internationally friendly providing audio guides in seven different languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean.  Changed your mind about museums being boring?


7. Brawl in the Family Finally Comes to a Close, but in a Great Way!


If this is your first time hearing about Brawl in the Family, do yourself a favor and check him out.  His comic series based off all the characters form the Smash series, and then some, is coming to a close, but he’s ending in style.  Here’s a summary of his planned finale, right from the Kickstarter page:

What’s going on with this project?

Brawl in the Family is a video game parody webcomic that will be wrapping up soon with a full 600 comics under its belt! It mostly centers on Nintendo characters such as Kirby, Mario, and Link; the humor ranges from lighthearted and fun to heavy and heartwarming, but it’s generally family friendly (more or less a light PG), with no gore or cursing.

In 2013, BitF got its first book kickstarted, a high-quality, full-color tome of nearly 200 pages that came in paperback and hardcover. The campaign hit all of its stretch goals, which allowed for many lovely upgrades, such as higher quality paper, extra pages of brand new content, glossy foil for the hardcover, and more comics. Thanks to the amount of effort and bonus features packed in, the book ultimately ended up being very well-received by fans!

I’d like to make a full collection of strips happen with two more books, right now!


8. Unearthed Metroid Concept Art, and not from Retro Studios

NG2.Metroid.1 NG2.Metroid.2

Courtesy of a former Next Level Games concept artist, we have images of what could perhaps have been a scrapped Metroid project.  Was it for Wii, the 3DS, DS, maybe even a Wii U prototype?  Well here’s what we do know.  This uniquely stylized version of Samus and friends appeared owned by Nelson “Dedos” Garcia and Xochitl; the former’s Linked-in profile leads us to believe he was the Lead Concept Artist at Next Level Games from 2007-2009 wherein he was involved in Punch-Out for the Wii.  This could also have been the same team behind Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, but honestly we’re just shooting in the dark.  Either way, these pictures leave our minds brimming with wondrous curiosity.  We know Retro may very well be undertaking a new Metroid project, but is this in anyway related whatsoever?


8. Last but not Least, Kazoo Renditions!!!

I will let the videos speak for themselves.  That’s the beauty of music, isn’t it?


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