GameStop: Nintendo Switch Could Outsell The Wii

The sales numbers on Nintendo Switch in its first few weeks have been strong. With a bit of luck, GameStop’s Senior Director of Merchandising Eric Bright believes the Switch could go as far as to outsell the best-selling Wii. Speaking to GameRant, Bright explained the system’s chances of success by pointing to its “phenomenal” sales start.

“The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now that it could possibly eclipse the Wii. Initial sales on this have been phenomenal. I can’t give straight numbers, but I can say we’re seeing one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device that we’ve seen in a long time.”

Incidentally, GameStop will also be seeing new shipments of the Switch in their stores this Wednesday, March 22nd. This restock will be in stores only, sans online shipping. Berth added that as demand continues with the Switch,this means positive things for selling accessories and software.

“We’re seeing tremendous success with the power chargers for the Nintendo Switch, as well as people coming in and picking up extra Joy-Con so people can turn it into a four-player device. We will soon be going online with all-new bundles. Because of the popularity of Zelda, which is one of my top picks, we’re putting together a Zelda bundle of hardware and accessories for customers to pick up online.”

The original Wii went on to sell 101 million units in its lifespan, from its 2006 launch to its discontinuation in 2013. For this fiscal year, Nintendo has shipped 2 million Switch units worldwide, with analyst projections to sell 40 million in the next four years.

For the upcoming year, Nintendo will ship 16 million units of the Switch, double the number of what they intended. There’s a ways off to met GameStop’s ambitious ideal of the system outselling the Wii.

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