Games Radar: It’s Time For Nintendo to Give Up and Make A True Next Gen Console

I thought that Games Radar was an okay and trustworthy source of Nintendo news and content until now. What you are about to read features some pretty biased assumptions and opinions about the Wii U so if you’re a fanboy, beware:

“But Wii U is not next-gen. It’s still stuck in 2005. Sure, it’s a got a superb, high-res touchscreen, which is technically superior to Sony’s PS Vita Remote play (at least at present) and this comes in the box with the console, but essentially Wii U is technically on a par with last-gen machines, aping the Wii’s winning tactic from the previous era. But where Vita was never intended to be an intrinsic part of PS4 and has just turned out to work extremely well with it, the GamePad was meant to be a big part of the Wii U experience. And it hasn’t proved its worth in that respect.” -Games Radar

If you thought “Meh” that’s just the average opinion of the average meathead Xbox gamer, there’s more. On top of saying that the Wii U is basically a weak console although it’s capable of displaying HD graphics, Games Radar also thinks that Nintendo should give up on the Wii U and make a new console:

“But is it worth that struggle? Maybe it would be better for the company to cut its losses and start again with a new console. If developed now, a new Nintendo machine would likely be ready in time for Christmas 2015. By then, it would be too soon for Sony and Microsoft to counter it with another launch, giving Nintendo the chance to offer a more powerful console at around the price of PS4 and XO right now.” -Games Radar

Of course I don’t agree with Nintendo making a new console, but a new name would be nice. I believe that the hardware specs on the Wii U are up to par with the next gen gaming standard but I think that the mere naming of the Wii U (which resulted in huge confusion in the casual gaming market) is the problem with the Wii U’s poor sales. It kind of sounds like a hardware accessory on the Wii. Do you agree with Games Radar? Let us know in the comments below!

[via My Nintendo News]

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  • Game_Kid

    WOW! Games Radar is full of dumbasses. Like seriously? Make a new console? I have no hope for humanity

  • I agree. Their opinions are stupid. Their logic is probably: “It sucks because it’s Nintendo”. As a gaming site, they really should be doing a better job :(

  • GOATbolt

    Nintendo making a new console would be a huge mistake. Millions of people have bought Wii Us in the span of it’s life and if they were to come out with a new console, it would be like saying “the last console was a mistake, we got it right this time. Forget the one we’ve been telling you is the best console out there for the past year, buy this one instead!” People would lose trust in the Nintendo brand!

    However, I do disagree with you saying that the Wii U is up to par with the next gen gaming standard. HD was last gen’s gaming standard. I would have much rather Nintendo made a more powerful system. Although the gap isn’t so huge between the PS4 and Xbox One, I just wish it was on par with those two systems.

    Keep it up Jelani
    – Vikrant from Com Tech

  • ThatGuy

    I’ve been trying to figure out a way to comment using the Always Nintendo and/or WordPress account that I was asked to make for about half an hour now… In the process I lost the comment I wanted to make and now would just like to express disappointment in the system currently in place for comments.

  • LOL they’re two seperate accounts XD

  • Don’t worry though, I’m setting up a Single Sign On (SSO) so hopefully it won’t be so confusing next time :D

  • ThatGuyAgain

    That’ll be nice haha.