Game Freak Releases Fancy Pattern Vivillon Event to Celebrate 100 Million GTS Trades

Dedicated poke-fans (or Always Nintendo readers!) may remember that back in the month of May, Game Freak announced that they would be releasing a new Fancy Pattern Vivillon to commemorate 100 million trades on the in-game Global Trade System. Well, the wait is over! The Fancy-Pattern Vivillon is now available via Mystery Gift, and you can pick it up until July 31.


As seen in the screenshot above, the Fancy Pattern Vivillon arrives at Level 12, and knows the special move Hold Hands. What does the move do? Well, not a whole lot. When used in a Double Battle, it displays a cutesy animation where you hold hands (or should I say wings?) with your partner. Even so, this move is exclusive only to this particular Vivillon.

Of course, this is just one of the two special event-patterned Vivillon in the game. There’s also the special Pokeball Patterned Vivillon, which was given out at the Paris Pokémon Center from June 4th – June 21st. Currently there are no plans for it to be released in North America at this time, but its next distribution will be in Japanese Pokémon Center locations in the month of August.

pokeball vivillon

Will we see this little guy in the N/A region sometime soon? Only time will tell.


Are you excited to pick up the new Fancy Pattern Vivillon? Is this enough to make you dust off the ol’ X and Y games and get back into them? Do you hope the Pokeball Pattern makes its way to the N/A Region sometime soon? Let us know in the comments!

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