Future Zelda Games Won’t be Filled With Tutorials, says Aonuma

As great as Skyward Sword for the Wii was, there was one fatal flaw in it. The flaw was that there was a huge amount of tutorials getting in the way of otherwise awesome gameplay moments. These distractions made fans feel like the game was directed at a younger audience and made a lot of older Zelda fans feel marginalized. But thankfully director of the Zelda series Eiji Aonuma is aware of this issue in Skyward Sword, and has stated the following in an interview with Kotaku.

Kotaku Interview Excerpt

Schreier: So in Skyward Sword, a few years ago, I think that a lot of people loved that game—I enjoyed that game quite a bit—but one of the biggest criticisms or complaints was that it took a very long time to actually jump into the gameplay because there were a lot of tutorials and a lot of introduction and cut-scenes in the beginning. Then Link Between Worlds came along and you just jumped in right away. So I wonder, when planning for future games, are you going to go more towards that Link Between Worlds approach or Skyward Sword, or something in between? How do you feel about intros and tutorials these days?

Aonuma: Yes. When we created Skyward Sword, I really felt the need to make sure that everyone playing the game understood it. But I also understand now, in hindsight, that when you go out and buy a game, you buy the game because you want to play it, and you don’t want to have any obstacles in the way. And I guess it was received as a bit of an obstacle. In a game, it’s when you get stuck, when you want that help. And I kinda frontloaded all that in Skyward Sword, and it doesn’t really help to get that information when you don’t know what to do with it. So that was a real learning experience for me. So I’m going to be careful not to do that.

The latest entry in the Zelda franchise A Link Between World had gotten rid of the tutorial aspect, and the closest thing to a tutorial we got was the line “Hey Link, here’s a sword…. you can figure the rest out”. This was nice, because it made fans feel like Nintendo was counting on the audience to already know what the mechanics were, or easily figure them out alone.

Do you think that Skyward Sword was overly aggressive with the tutorials? Why? Unleash your rage in the comments section below.

[Source: Kotaku]

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