Fresh Nintendo Switch Rumors: Multi-touch, Motion Sensing, Battery

With the Nintendo Switch officially revealed and due in five months, rumors of the platform continue to leak through the woodwork. Laura Kate Dale of Let’sPlayVideoGames, a proven source of past Switch rumors, came forth Friday with additional tidbits on the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch will be region-free, in contrast to Nintendo’s previous consoles and the 3DS family which were region-locked.

As previously rumored, the Joy-Con controllers for the Switch will have motion sensing and rumble in the manner of the Wii Remote. To that end, while development kits have been using Wii Remotes, Nintendo plans to ultimately phase the controllers out at retail. Both the Switch ports of Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon will support motion sensing. Breath of the Wild also supports motion on the Switch for aiming and steering [the horse Epona].

Continuing rumors of a Switch-exclusive release of Beyond Good & Evil 2, Laura Kate says that the last six months have consisted of legal and pre-development back-and-forth between Ubisoft and Nintendo. Part of that time also consisted of salvaging past efforts, budgeting, direction, and project scope. The game was confirmed to be in development this month as BG&E2 was in such a state of confidence to be announced.

The Switch’s portable screen will be a multi-touch screen rather than a capacitive one used on the DS, 3DS, and Wii U. All games for the Switch will be required to play both on the system’s dock and on-the-go, and similarly will be playable without touch. As to battery life on-the-go, Laura cites a three hour limit, based on the Switch’s dev kits right now.

Sources say the pricing, launch details and games line-up for the Switch are all but ready to be announced, though Nintendo will hold them until 2017. These Switch rumors were vetted through multiple sources, including sources close to Nintendo, in development and in publishing. As always, nothing is confirmed as true until it ends up in public release.


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