Fresh Nintendo Patents Hints at Future and Possible Innovations

Internet sleuths have just unearthed a series of interesting Nintendo patents, painting broad strokes at what ideas the company is protecting. Chief among them, a poster on Neogaf called Rösti found that Nintendo recently filed a patent that details an upcoming console will not have a media drive, but instead be digital-only.

The patent in question was filed on February 10th by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and went live on August 20th. It describes the device as a “Stationary Game Apparatus, Game Apparatus, Game System, Recording Medium and Speed Control Method”.

Also included is the description of a controller with a display screen (not unlike the Wii U GamePad) as well as Speed Control Processing. The diagram seen above indicates that barring an optical drive, data and games can be downloaded from a network and backed up to External HDD or a memory card.

In addition, GoNintendo user Daft Ada discovered a recent series of Nintendo patents, pertaining chiefly to OS and Wii U ideas. Some findings include a way to chat with friends with the GamePad, an achievement system that includes video replays, and the purchasing of games on one device that begin downloading on another in relation to proximity.

Take a read on Neogaf for the rest of the console patent’s technical description, along with the many other patents unrelated to the possible future of the upxoming NX system. As usual, these patents will not necessarily materialize as real products, but are likely only being protected by Nintendo. All is speculation until Nintendo makes confirmation.

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