Freedom Planet is Coming to the Wii U eShop

Freedom Planet Wii U

Galaxy Trail has recently announced via Twitter that their newest game Freedom Planet (released on Steam last July) is coming to the Wii U eShop! Boasting over 10 characters, several different modes, and tons of unique bosses, it’s a clear throwback tribute to Sonic’s oldschool 2D adventures that definitely still maintains its own originality and flair.

Freedom Planet is a combat-based platformer featuring spunky dragon girl Lilac and her radical animal friends fighting to save the celestial world of Avalice from the clutches of an evil alien force. Crazed robots, giant insects and insane explosions greet you mercilessly at every turn, but you’ll hairwhip, spin, and blast through stages at the speed of sound while employing a variety of special fighting techniques to save the day. And that’s just the Adventure mode!

You can try out the PC demo on Freedom Planet’s official website. The release date for the Wii U version is yet to be announced, but try following Galaxy Trail’s Twitter for updates. Let us know in the comments about how you feel about Freedom Planet coming to the Wii U eShop!

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