Four Secret Cups in Mario Kart 8 Discovered?

Mario Kart 8 Wii U Character Roster

Mario Kart 8 has some of the best cups in the series. They each have a colorful array of tracks, each one different from the next, but it can be agreed that the game has the potential for so many more cups and courses. Well they could be on their way, as the well known Mario Kart hacker Chadderz, has discovered four images which seem to represent cups in the series.

These four images had been extracted using data mining, a process in which information is taken from a data set within software, and transcribed into a readable format. Using this process, the following icons were found; Yoshi’s egg, a Shine Sprite, a Boo and a Blue Shell.


Though this is a cool find, I personally don’t think that these are signs of DLC cups. The icons are a bit low quality, especially the Shine Sprite one, as the image has been taken straight from Super Mario Sunshine. My guess is that these were place holders used, until the HD images that were used in the final game had been finished up. Another possibility is that Nintendo used these as possible cups to appear in the game, but were scrapped for veteran cup titles.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about these images and if you think they’re real!

Source: MKBoards

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