Fire Emblem Heroes Downloads Top 2 Million, Generates $2.9 Million

Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s third mobile app release, has generated $2.9 million in revenue in its first 24 hours, and seen over 2 million downloads worldwide in the same time. As verified by tracking site Sensor Tower, this places it behind Super Mario Run and Pokémon Go in the same categories.

Pokémon Go saw a significant $10.2 million on its first day in July 2016, while Super Mario Run generated $8.4 million in a close second place. In terms of downloads, Super Mario Run leads the pack at 6 million, while Pokémon Go saw 4.2 million downloads on Day One. All three of these Nintendo-related games did top the records of mobile hit Clash Royale, however.

Thanks to its quick brush of success, Nintendo’s stock saw a 6% jump on release day. The game saw its greatest success in Japan, hitting #1 in the region’s Downloads and #3 in Top Grossing charts. In the U.S., Heroes sits at third place in Downloads and #6 in Revenue.

Fire Emblem Heroes launched on February 2nd as a free-to-play gacha game, developed principally by Intelligent Systems. Players can use money to obtain orbs to summon popular Fire Emblem characters, ranked from 1 to 5 stars, to use in turn-based battles. To celebrate the game’s launch, Nintendo is running a Twitter retweet campaign to give away 10,000 Feathers and is offering limited-time maps that offer 3 orbs for clearing.

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