More Features Coming To Streetpass Mii Plaza in the Future?

In a recent interview,¬†Kouichi Kawamoto of Nintendo has said that there is a reason for the 10 player cap on Streetpass tags. Here’s what he had to say:

“We had been thinking about the possibility of expanding StreetPass Mii Plaza from the start, and we set the maximum number of connections to 10 to ensure we’d have room to exchange more data via StreetPass in the future. As a result, if we get to a point where we definitely won’t expand it anymore, there is a possibility that we’ll raise the number of connections. However, we have no plans to do that, and we’re already transmitting a lot of data, so even if we stopped right now, I doubt that number would go up much.”

So I guess this is good news for patient fans! Hmm… the possibilities could be endless with the games that are coming out in the future! What kind of games do you want in the future for the Mii Plaza? What kinds of games do you think will come out? Let me know in the comments!

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