Fantasy Life Overview Trailer Revealed

This trailer for Fantasy Life was posted today on the Nintendo UK official Youtube channel.  Fantasy Life is an upcoming title for the Nintendo 3DS.  Fantasy Life is an RPG where you can change your “life” whenever you want.  Changing your life is essentially changing your class or your job, you can be anything from a carpenter to a paladin.  The game combines many aspects of different games such as crafting, real time action combat, and gathering.  A lot of the jobs or “lives” are used in conjunction with other jobs to help them progress.  An example shown in the trailer is being a miner to gather ore, then becoming a blacksmith to make a sword, and using that sword as a paladin.  The game looks like a cross between Animal Crossing and an action RPG to me, with some crafting elements thrown in.

Check out the overview trailer for the game right here.  If this game looks interesting to you or you have any thoughts or questions feel free to leave a comment down below.

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