Fantasy Life Multiplayer Trailer Released

Fantasy Life is one of those games that  makes it’s worldwide release after a few years after initial release. It originally came out in Japan back in December of 2012, and is finally hitting new shores starting September. To build hype for the game, Nintendo has started releasing gameplay footage of the worldwide version.

Recently, a video showing off the multiplayer mode of the game has been released. Check it out below:

It appears that the multiplayer mode will follow the same general gameplay as the single-player mode, now with a friend tagging alongside you. On top of that, the display of the game will now feature not just your own life bar, but the life bar of your comrades to help coordinate potion usage among other things. With this, what appears to be a text chat will be available in game, though it may be a possibility that there will be a limited set phrases players can speak, a la Mario Kart 8.

I think that this multiplayer functionality looks great and I definitely would love to give it a whirl, especially online. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the video and the multiplayer functionality in the game!

Source: YouTube

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