Nano-Sized Gems: Interesting Artifacts That Will Cost You a Big Buck

Alrighty folks, let’s keep this short and sweet. Here is a list of the coolest things I found over the past two weeks of Nintendo related quirks. Things you probably missed because on their own they were too small to devote any worthy attention to as you speedily glossed through your Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook feeds (as our generation proudly does of course!). But now all on one page you have no excuse but take notice of these nano-sized gems! Without further ado, and in semi-arbitrary order, let’s take a look!

 Nano Sized Gems

1.  Here we have what is a super rare Super Mario RPG playset.  How rare?  6,000 big ones rare.

2.  Somebody recreated the first level (if you don’t count Princess Peach’s Castle that is) of Super Mario 64 with LEGOs!

3.  Let’s not forget our diehard Earthbound fans.  Here is some Japanese underwear with Mr. Saturn on it.  And of course it comes in Mario World 1-1 on it as well, I mean why wouldn’t it?  In case you were wondering what the creator of the mysterious Earthbound series has been up to, he is the owner and founder of Hobonichi, a company specializing in Japanese planners, and this is their latest line of product!

Haramaki.2 Haramaki.1  Haramaki.2

Let’s move on to music (what this list was originally going to be) because damn I can’t tell you how much fan music and covering there is that I just don’t have time to sift through the entire mess and find the good stuff.  Well I did just that so you don’t have to!

Musical Gems

4.  What most Wind Waker fans would probably say is one of the best, and perhaps one of the most unique in the series, songs from that game. This fan does a pretty decent job!

5.  Majora’s Mask but with a lovely female touch to it (why are most of the covers out there by just guys?).

6.  The title says it all. The Ultimate Nintendo Melody.

Last, and definitely not least, is the soundtrack for Hyrule Warriors, or at least the most we can get our hands on so far! What do you think? Nintendo is really digging the live orchestra stuff as of late, and this takes that into consideration with a more teenagerish/metal appetite. For this game, I think it definitely works.


And the winner is… 

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