Fake NX Rumors Teach Us To Be Skeptical

Rumors about Nintendo’s still-mysterious NX platform are on a roll lately, or so the internet would like you to think. The latest scuttlebutt, which we did not report here on Always Nintendo, came from NeoGaf user 10K, who shared that the NX would be more powerful than the PlayStation 4, and that it would once again feature a screen controller (you know, like the Wii U GamePad).

Internet sleuth and writer Emily Rogers came out today to deny the report’s validity, specifically on the NX’s gimmick and power. She said through a friend on NeoGaf:

Here is what multiple sources close to Nintendo are telling me about 10K’s hardware rumors: The gimmick is made up. GPU is wrong. Power level is wrong.” “The specs on NX are good, but a lot of the information being shared in this thread is incorrect.

I was told that NX has good specs, but the info in this thread on the GPU and power level is just not correct. Sorry to burst everyone’s hype.

You know what else user 10K shared with us? The NX is apparently not only getting a port of Zelda Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but 10K said it will also see ports of Super Mario Maker and Splatoon. With the power level rumor now brought into question, the port rumor is now being thrown under the bus. With the NX, history is simply repeating itself.


This insane wave of rumors about an upcoming Nintendo console is nothing new. The last time we saw such a degree of scuttlebutt was, in fact, their previous home console: the Wii U. Before its E3 2011 reveal, Wii U rumors ran wild in the streets.

Some rumors, like the code name “Project Cafe” and even the design of the controller being tablet-like with buttons, turned out 100% accurate. Other rumors, like being twice as powerful as the PS3 and Xbox 360, proved questionable as the system finally launched. Some proved to be innocently inaccurate, like a projected early 2012 launch for Project Cafe (that turned instead to November 2012).

Then you had the completely preposterous rumors, like that the system would be called either the “Nintendo Stream” (a possible allusion to the GamePad’s streaming of games on its display) or the “Nintendo Entertainment System”. These kind of rumors are damaging at best and puerile fan fiction at worst. That doesn’t even begin to include the “leaked” photos of various Project Cafe meetings, complete with fake hardware.

And that it would look like a modern Super Nintendo? Ha!

As far from the Wii U as you can get

If you know Nintendo, they almost never like to meet what the fan expectations are. Fans wanted a hardcore-skewing Project Cafe. Instead, Nintendo releases the Wii U. It was endemically a machine they want to cater to “you”, but also your mom and dad, your grandpa and grandma. Nintendo wanted to skew wide by simply repeating everything they did with the Wii, to great success back then. Then again, the Wii itself was also a defiance of expectations, but the expectations were lower back then because the Wii was highly exciting and Nintendo needed an exciting shot in the arm following the GameCube’s market performance.

The reality

Who’s to say the NX won’t be similarly delayed too, despite commonplace 2016 projections for launch? What if the NX ends up being the Wii U2, has a screen controller, and looks like the exact same console. If Nintendo were to not show self-awareness, the NX could end up the console equivalent of Malibu Stacey with a new hat. Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima “says” that the NX will be radically different from the Wii U (and the Wii), but you have to take what the company CEO says with a grain of salt, as it is with rumormongers. It happened with the Wii U from the Wii, too: not different enough to most people, and not living up to the fantastical hype that those rumors generated.

It’s important to remember that Emily Rogers has a strong track record for rumors in the past. At the tip of the iceberg, she correctly called that Miiverse would be coming to 3DS back in late-2013. She also predicted a new Wii U Paper Mario was close to release earlier this year, which was revealed to be Paper Mario: Sticker Star back in the March Nintendo Direct. Now, we only need wait and find out if her rumors on Mother 3 coming westward proves to be correct, albeit it’s highly plausible.


That thing again

The fake NX controllers a few weeks ago is a strong demonstration of this new wave NX skepticism. Many outlets along with our own reported on them as a rumor, only for their creators to step forth and “April Fool” the internet. They’re not doing anything illegal; internet rumor makers like these create fakes to generate a conversation around the NX as much as they want the attention to their skills at making fakes. Since this story broke, major outlets have largely stepped away from reporting any NX rumor, for fear of wasting time on a story that ultimately proves incorrect and risks looking like click bait.

If GameStop speculates that new consoles are due this year, we will likely report on. The rumor that Bandai Namco is working on Smash Bros. for NX has credibility because a well-known analyst backs it up with credible evidence. But we will hold pause on any kind of NX rumor without the proper amount of citations and validity across the board. The moral of the story is don’t get too excited about all these NX rumors; you might be disappointed. Until Nintendo actually revealed just what the NX is, and when it comes out, the price of these constant rumors is eternal vigilance.

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