Nintendo posted through the Pokemon Company’s Facebook page a new video showing off more of what we’ll see in Pokemon X and Y.

Shown in this video are the evolved forms of Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. The video also confirms that pokemon of different genders will look slightly different, depending on the Pokemon. New Pokemon announced were as follows:
-Quilladin (Chespin’s evo)
-Braixen (Fennekin’s evo)
-Frogadier (Froakie’s evo)
-Tyrunt (fossil Pokemon)
-Amaura (fossil Pokemon)
-Furfrou (a Pokemon that you can groom and give different looks)
-Meowstic (a very cute cat Pokemon that has different male/female forms)
-Pyroar (previously leaked evolution of Litleo with male/female forms)
-Mega Garchomp
-Mega Mewtwo X
-Mega Mewtwo Y

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