Everything You Need to Know About GameStop’s 8/8 Amiibo Event

This Saturday, GameStop holds the key to a great power: the retail exclusive amiibo. And this time, it’s triple-size.

After days of rumors and hushed whispers, GameStop finally confirmed they will be holding a special amiibo event on Saturday, August 8th. Fans will get to line up to pre-order a 3-pack of the Smash Bros. amiibo Duck Hunt, R.O.B., and Mr. Game & Watch. In North America, this is the only way to get these amiibo, and GameStop is the only retailer who will carry them.


So what do amiibo hunters need to know ahead of Saturday morning? Here are some tips to help you be prepared.

  • GameStops are expected to have at least 30 pre-orders available per store. As always, they are limited to one-per-customer. Pre-orders will be in-store only and not draw from an overall inventory, so none of headaches and heartaches from the April 2nd amiibo fiasco will repeat themselves.
  • Stores will open 1 hour early at 9am for Power Pro members. People are being allowed to upgrade to Pro status up to the event itself. Be kind, though, and please upgrade or renew your membership ahead of Saturday to keep the line move in a timely fashion.
  • The Retro 3-pack goes for $34.99, the same price as the earlier Splatoon 3-pack. When in line, a pre-order deposit can be made for as little as $5, and pre-orders can be made up to full price.

Quantities will be limited for the 3-pack, so be prepared to line up early. Moreover, the opening hours and availability across stores may be different. If you’re in the neighborhood for the Retro 3-pack, plan your Saturday morning accordingly.

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