Everything Announced From The The Fire Emblem Direct

As promised by Nintendo, the recent Fire Emblem-themed Nintendo Direct brought news of multiple new titles in the franchise. Not limited to the previously-announced mobile release, new Fire Emblem games were confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS and the Switch. Below is an embed of the Direct (if you missed it) and all the announcements with individual trailers.

Kicking things off was not the Fire Emblem mobile game as one would expect, but a new 3DS installment under the name Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. A re-imagining of the 1992 installment Fire Emblem Gaiden, this will mark the first time that western players will get to play through the quest of warriors Alm and Celica.

The focus of Echoes will be open-ended exploration, character progression, and dungeon crawling. Fire Emblem Echoes will launch much sooner than you’d think: May 19th in North America. The release will be accompanied by two new amiibo, a dual package of  Alm and Celica figures.


Nintendo also confirmed plans for an original Fire Emblem installment coming to the Switch sometime in 2018. Until then, the Tecmo Koei-developed Fire Emblem Warriors will represent the franchise later on in 2017. New footage was shown in the Direct to expand on what was shown in last week’s Switch Presentation.

Fire Emblem Warriors was also announced to be coming exclusively to the New 3DS family of systems as well, meaning no compatibility with older systems.

The final portion of the Direct focused on Fire Emblem Heroes, a strategy-RPG that marks the series’ long-awaited mobile adaptation. Heroes will collect Fire Emblem’s most iconic, and brand-new, warriors together to battle in your own army through the series’s traditional tactical battles.


The mobile game will include many Hero characters within its Story mode, downloadable updates, Orbs that summon Heroes, and Hero Battles where you can challenge opponents to recruit as an ally. Each Heroes have different attributes and ranks, which can be increased through battles (5 stars will be their maximum rating).


Fire Emblem Heroes was initially announced as a timed exclusive for Android phones, but has since been updated to confirm that it will launch on iOS and Google Play stores on February 3rd. Interested players can switch on a notification to alert them to its release beginning on January 19th.

Until the game’s launch, the Fire Emblem Heroes website will offer additional interactivity with the game’s Hero list. Players the world over can vote on their favorite Fire Emblem Legend character every day until release, where upon a a winner will be chosen. Nintendo Account holders will get 200 Platinum Points when connecting their account to the site.

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