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Amiibo Nintendo E3 2014

Such is the overwhelming demand that Nintendo has struggled to keep pace amiibo with it all year long. Fortunately, things are slowly improving. You have to admit it’s getting better (a little better all the time) when it comes to amiibo. However, we’re not out of the woods yet. The rest of the Super Smash Bros. line is slowly rolling out, and more series beyond Smash and Super Mario are on the way, too.

Nowadays, when a new line of amiibo is launched, everyone is driven to a frenzy to pick up the figures the day they come out, which has left supply looking skewed. With these new amiibo, many are coming to the States months after everyone else got them, given us hope for ready availability.

We at Always Nintendo have taken a look at amiibo supply before, twice. This time, rather than look to the past, we’re going to evaluate the scarcity of near-future waves of amiibo. Keep in mind, this is pure speculation and doesn’t account for which retailers could have exclusives. But it’s fun to dream.



Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario, with his relationship to the Mushroom Kingdom, should be widely available. All Nintendo needs to worry about is having regular Mario equalized with his medical cousin on store racks everywhere.


Despite that Captain Olimar is relatively harmless a character and has functionality in Mario Kart 8, he could end up an “uncommon” in the new group. One hopes he’ll be in the ballpark of Fox, who was very available back in 2014.

Bowser Jr.

Another Mario character, and a relation of Bowser, who is a common. You should have a good chance securing Bowser Jr. next month.


Destined to round out the Zelda characters in the Smash Bros. amiibo line, Ganondorf could be plentifully available. Given than all past Zelda characters, even Sheik, were commons

Zero Suit Samus

Most destined to become the “unicorn” of Wave 5.B, Zero Suit may be popular with the Smash crowd, but how many mainstream people know who she is? Keep a sharp eye open on September 11th, just in case she turns out rare.

Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B.

You may notice that these three are being grouped together. That’s because Nintendo of America decided to bundle them together. Unfortunately, they constitute a GameStop exclusive. But thankfully, each store nationwide will have at least 30 pre-orders available on August 8th, maybe more. Given how many GameStops are in the United States, you’ll likely have a good chance getting one of these bad boys.

Super Mario 30th Anniversary Edition

There’s two variants of Mario’s 8-bit form. One will launch with Super Mario Maker on September 11th (classic colors), and the modern variant will launch sometime in November. Given that there are only two kinds of figures in this series, Nintendo would have to try to screw their availability up.


Yarn Yoshi

Once again, we have a small series on our hands. Three colored Yoshis made out of yarn will accompany Yoshi’s Wooly World on October 18th. Given that we had to wait months after every other region got the game, supply should be in good standing for them. The possibility remains that one or two of the colors (blue and pink) could be retail exclusives, but we’ll have to wait and find out.

Animal Crossing series

This isn’t just about the amiibo cards for Happy Home Designer (there’s 400 cards projected to be available), but rather the figures to release with Amiibo Festival on the Wii U this holiday. Despite the small size of the series (seven figures in all), if the Smash line has taught us anything, some characters will be more available than others. Expect the commons to be popular Animal Crossing characters like Isabelle, Tom Nook and K.K. Slider, and all the rest could be rare (especially Digby).

via Polygon


The genetically-made Pokémon is known to premier in Europe in November, but no release date has been given for North America. And given how other Pokémon amiibo have been handled, all signs point to retail-exclusivity here.

Mii Fighter Trio

Again, the Mii Fighter trio will only be available in the states via a 3-pack. And you’d probably guess the pack will be a retail exclusive all over again. All signs point to that possibility, given the release of the Retro pack only at GameStop. The Mii Fighter trio will launch in North America sometime in November, and hopefully in good numbers.


And finally, the last Smash Bros. character outside of the DLC posse. Falco has no official release date yet, but if Fox is any indication, he could be readily available upon release. It’s possible he’s being saved for the launch date of Wii U’s Star Fox Zero, itself rumored to have amiibo functionality. Let’s just take the wait-and-see approach on his numbers.

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