Entire Super Smash Bros Roster To Be Revealed In Next Months Corocoro!

Smash Bros. Character Mirroring

Japanese manga and gaming magazine Corocoro has announced on their website that they will be revealing the entire Super Smash Bros. 3DS roster in their next issue. Since all the characters are shared between the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, there will no longer be any surprises.

Pointed out by NeoGaf user lolpho, the screencap above from the Corocoro website translates to;

Super smash bros. Brawl Battle royal BOOK!! 3DS software of attention of “Smash Bros.”  And the character of all All stages Cotton large capture and separately in the appendix!! In preparation perfect. Zo you can wait the release!

As bad a translation that is, you can make out that all the characters will be announced by the text ‘And the character of all’. All the stages will be announced by the text ‘All stages’.

This issue of Corocoro will be out on the 12th of August, so expect the scans of the magazine here at Always Nintendo as soon as we can get our hands on them.

Who do you want to show up in the roster? Are you happy or sad that the trail of character reveals is almost over? Tell us in the comments below.

[Source: Corocoro, Neogaf]

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