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Welcome to An Entertaining Series, where we view Nintendo at a more realistic standpoint. We will look at not just Nintendo games, but the community, and what that has created as well. To kick off An Entertaining Series, we will be looking at something Nintendo has been bashed upon many times, the bravery of its heroes.

Heroes like Mario, Link, and even Kirby have always been viewed as powerful heroes, willing to go through anything to get towards their goal, but are they truly as brave as they are said to be?

To gauge the bravery of our heroes, I decided to take three of their most recent games and calculate their bravery. To do so, I’ve decided to take the most tough, yet effective route. It took quite a while—but after three minutes of searching on YouTube, I found clear evidence that these three heroes aren’t really that brave…

Let’s start with Nintendo’s sweetheart, Mario. Mario’s latest appearance was in the Wii U title, Mario Kart 8. Throughout the course of the game, players truly only see the characters backside, so to find quality footage of the his front side I decided to take a gander at the trailers. One trailer I found took Mario’s bravery, and tossed it down the drain. This trailer is the Mario Kart 8 – Mercedes-Benz DLC Trailer.

The trailer depicts Mario stepping out of a Mercedes-Benz, looking tough and brave. Yet shortly after, this happens:

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Screenshot at Jun 30 19-33-51

Mario touches a Goomba, and a look of fear comes upon his face, though clearly it can be seen that this Mario has eaten a mushroom, and does have another chance to kill the Goomba. Bravery is not one with Mario.

The next hero we will be looking at is none other that Link, from the Zelda series. This green clothed Hylian is by far the most manliest and brave of all Nintendo characters. His muscly arms, covered in white tights, and his strong legs, covered in white tights, and manly grunts, truly show that he is a brave warrior. Or is he?

Link’s latest appearance was in the 3DS title, A Link Between Worlds, a game often criticized for being identical to its prequel, A Link to the PastA Link to the Past shares many similarities to Ocarina of Time. One thing that Link does in Ocarina of Time is scream in fear during many situations, whether it be falling, or witnessing the Deku Sprout, Link yells a lot. Clearly Link is not the brave hero we treat him as.

As he falls, Link yells a yell of terror, knowing that he will simply lose a heart, nothing more. When witnessing the Deku Sprout, Link has nothing to fear, as he should know that if the sprout was truly a harm, he could simple swing his sword at it, cutting it in half. Wits is something important to the title of bravery.



The last hero we will be looking at is Kirby. This pink round creature spends its days sucking its enemies, absorbing their powers, and spitting them out as stars.

When cursed to look and act like that, waking up every morning is a sign of bravery. Kirby may actually be Nintendo’s bravest hero. Sure he spends his time eating cake and his enemies, but he still has enough courage to show his face to the world.

With that in mind, Kirby truly deserves the title of bravery, for he knows that he shouldn’t be judged, no matter how strange he is.

That is all for this week’s issue of An Entertaining Series, but keep your eyes out next Monday for another issue!  Also, let me know what you want us to cover in next week’s issue in the comments below.

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