Elysian Shadows: Next-Gen 2D RPG

Elysian Shadows Wii U

Elysian Shadows is a very promising and innovative RPG with a classic 16-bit visual style made for this generation. The game is an indie project developed by a team dedicated to making something based off of an older system, the Sega Dreamcast, but utilizing the most standard and quality features. This game will be coming to the Sega Dreamcast as well as PC and OUYA. But what about Nintendo platforms? If it reaches it’s stretch goal of 250,000 it’ll be coming to the Wii U and if it reaches it’s stretch goal of 260,000 it’ll come to the 3DS as well. It’s being called a “next-gen 2D RPG” and for good reason as you can see in the video below.

Elysian Shadows features an action gameplay system which is similar to games such as The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past but has some RPG and platforming elements included as well. The game’s visuals have a plethora of detail in every area, dynamic shadowing, and other modern aspects that try to push the limits of what a 2D RPG is capable of being. If this interests you, make sure to check out the kickstarter page for Elysian Shadows and donate if you like what you see.

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