Earthlock: Festival of Magic May Get a Playable Demo Early Next Year

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Wii U

You may remember a little game called Earthlock: Festival of Magic, a turn-based RPG that received nearly $180,000 during its Kickstarter funding period back in April.

Since the project’s success, the developers have remained pretty hushed as to what’s been going on behind the scenes. Snowcastle Games caught up with us to share some new information about their upcoming title.

The second pair of characters you meet in the game. Olia is now in and she even has a jump attack that does massive damage when she falls down the next round.

Olia and PAT Earthlock Festival of Magic

Here are two new weapons for Olia:

Olia Calm Titan Smasher Earthlock Festival of Magic

In addition to more information about these new characters, we also learned about a species of monster in this game called Droohgos, “lizard-like monsters that have taken over the frog-friendly Ramoo swamp area”.

Earthlock Festival of Magic Droohgos 2

Finally, Snowcastle Games gave us an update on the progress of their unique battle system.

In August, we totally remade the combat design and since then we have been implementing the gameplay and building tools to make it easier to add more content to the game. We have huge Excel spreadsheets with character stats for all characters and monsters that we can now tweak and copy-paste into the game editor. These tools will make a huge difference for our ability to balance the combat as we go along.
We have implemented the pairing system, that we now call Friendship. All the Player Characters can be paired in different ways. When two characters are paired, they will evolve their Friendship by gaining friendship XP and unlock special perks and abilities. During combat the pair will gain friendship points that can be used for some very powerful friendship abilities.

Here’s a look at the battle system GUI:

Earthlock Battle System GUI

There’s gonna be a lot to learn about this complex battle system, but it looks great!

Snowcastle Games is really excited for the release of Earthlock: Festival of Magic and is releasing a new trailer next year alongside a playable demo, so keep your eyes peeled!

Has any of this new information made you excited for the release of Earthlock: Festival of Magic? You can always find more information on the official Earthlock dev blog. Be sure to let us know what you think of the game by leaving a comment below.

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