Earthlock: Festival of Magic – New Details and Rewards Revealed

Festival of Magic Harvesting

Snowcastle Games accomplished their goal of $150,000 for Kickstarter project, Earthlock: Festival of Magic with only 48 hours to spare! In celebration, the team has decided to add a bunch of new content to the game. Check out the Kickstarter update from Snowcastle Games below:

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Goldslinger

How could you pass up this opportunity?

To celebrate our victory we decided to reward our lovely backers with this unique In-Game weapon for Ive! Everyone who pledges for at least 1x copy of the game will get an unlock code for this weapon. You will only get one though as this is exclusive to you! Hope you like it!

You’d have to be absolutely crazy to pass up that offer… What’s that? A wild Megaboss appeared? Tell me more:

Any respectable RPG have Megabosses in them and we do not intend to disappoint. These are secret bosses at an extra hard difficulty level which are hard to find, often having to complete some sort of mini side quest. They are meant for endgame content as they are often much harder than even the last main boss of the game. We have just reached our first stretch goal which means that a secret megaboss will be implemented into the game somewhere! Our artist Frits and Fredrik have each created a Megaboss concept sketch which you can see below.

Earthlock Amri Scorpio Wip Valvurian Elephant Wip

Frightening indeed…

There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out the full Kickstarter update for a sneak peak at the upcoming Amon figurine! If you still haven’t seen it yet, you can also check out our interview with Snowcastle Games too! Plenty of information on Earthlock: Festival of Magic for those who are unfamiliar with the game.

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