More Earthlock: Festival of Magic Combat Details

Festival of Magic Battle System

Since the Kickstarter campaign for Festival of Magic has slowed down dramatically, Snowcastle Games has decided to kickstart (haha, see what I did there?) the project and raise excitement for the game by giving us an in-depth look at the combat system! Here’s a recap of some of the stuff  mentioned in the update from the developers:

  • Decided to go with turn-based combat for Festival of Magic because they have fond memories of playing the games while they were younger (also wanted to take a strategic approach to combat)

  • Wanted to allow players to plan their moves, access unique pair abilities, chain elemental attacks and more

  • Teams will be compose of one warrior and one protector

  • Warriors will deal out the damage, and protectors will debuff/heal (some protectors will also have offensive abilities)

  • Teams are capped at 3 pairs at this moment, but can easily be expanded should they choose to do so

  • When pairing two party members, they become one unit. Health and stats will be shared

  • Swapping in/out protectors will greatly affect pair stats

The Kickstarter update also goes into things such as the status effects system, elemental system, and weapons system. If you’re interested, why not check it out? Our interview with Snowcastle Games also has some interesting info on the game if you wanna check it out.

Source: Kickstarter


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