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This Game Again?

EarthBound never ever ceases to leave this planet no matter how much you try to kill it.  EarthBound was released 20 years ago in 1994, and with but just one sequel, Mother 3, released on the GBA in 2006, it continues to permeate gamer culture in the form of a mysteriously bound cult series vaguely known for starring the equally surreptitious staple character from the Smash series, Ness – the plain and normal-looking Japanese kid dressed in equally plain American attire sporting nothing less than a baseball cap and bat!  Let that be a testament to the series’ fans and the game’s mysterious appeal.  This time, the series is popping it’s head out once again for a majestic kickstarter-funded project called You Are Now EarthBound

This mammoth offering has, among many other things, an EarthBound Handbook, a companion guide akin to the official player’s guide that came with the game itself 20 years ago, but this time with the fan-made treatment and flavor to accompany the colorful and touristy 90’s feel that the original one touted. Additionally, there is an EarthBound Zine with fan-made art and stories and a collection of Mother series arrangements, The Psychokinetic Album, produced by the game remixing team BAD DUDES.  But the centerfold of this offering is the EarthBound, USA documentary that divulges deep into the Earthbound community itself, with and it’s creators playing a large role in that.  Last but not least, the documentary teases us with an interview of the EarthBound creator himself, Shigesato Itoi.  We can only imagine what else this documentary has in store for us.

Fangamer, a gaming merchandise company founded by members of Starmen.Net are the guys behind this giant project and are relying on kickstarter, and the amazing EarthBound fan-base, to make this project a reality.  Fortunately, things are going fantastically and they reached their goal of $100,000!!!  That’s thanks in part to some outstanding packages they’ve offered, of which the priciest one offers fans a chance to join the Fangamer crew in a sightseeing trip around Japan!  Please take the time to check this project out and at the very least familiarize yourself a bit more with that mysteriously awesome Smash Bros. character, the one and only Ness.

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