Earthbound-inspired RPG “Two Brothers” Wii U Development Update

Two Brothers Wii U

Two Brothers Wii U

Today, indie game development studio AckkStudios had an important announcement regarding the development of “Two Brothers” for the Wii U. Here’s what was said:

“The Wii U version is coming along! It’s being handled by a friend of mine so I can focus on Y2K and the Mac build”. A representative of AckkStudios continued by saying, “I am overseeing the Wii U version to make sure it’s everything it can be! And it’s awesome.”

AckkStudios mentioned in a post on NeoGAF that Two Brothers was inspired by Earthbound as well as The World Ends With You. Hey, any game inspired by Earthbound is definitely worth checking out in my opinion. Will you be picking up this game? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

You can check out the full announcement right here.

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