EA Confirms Custom-Built FIFA 18 Coming To Nintendo Switch

Publisher EA has confirmed that it is bringing FIFA 18 to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Speaking with Gamereactor, EA’s Peter Moore said, “[we] are custom-building a FIFA version for the Nintendo Switch,” due out later this year, launching alongside all other versions.

Peter Moore further elaborated on the custom-built nature of the port, as it is being developed by “the FIFA development team in Vancouver.” He did not say if the port would be closer to the current-gen versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or closer to their last-gen counterparts, as seen on Wii U back in 2012.

EA announced a Switch port of FIFA during the January presentation live from Tokyo, but did not confirm which version it would be at the time. Nintendo platforms have seen a shaky representation from the FIFA franchise, the highest-selling sports franchise worldwide, in the last few years. Versions on the Wii and 3DS in particular amounted to no more than reskins of earlier editions rather than reflecting the current FIFA roster. There was no edition of FIFA on the Wii U following its November 2012 launch.

As to whether other EA-published franchises, like the upcoming Mass Effect Andromida, would appear on the Switch, Peter Moore told Gamereactor they are only bringing FIFA to the console at this time.

Top image: FIFA 17


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