E3 2014 – Ubisoft Working on a New Wii U Game; Won’t Announce it Until More Units are Sold

Ubisoft E3 2014 Press Conference

In an interview with Polygon, Yves Guillemot, Co-Founder and CEO of Ubisoft casually mentioned that the company has had a completed title for the Wii U sitting on their shelves for about six months, but is waiting for the console to have a larger install base before the game is released, or even announced.

Guillemot said that the Wii U must grab hold of a “mass market” before the media, consumers and press learn anything about this new title.

“We did adapt the number of products to the level of quantities that the machine did,” he said. “So we will have Just Dance again which is well suited for the machine [Wii U]. We’ll have Watch Dogs. We have another couple of products that we are waiting to launch, specifically we have one game that we wait for the machine to be more mass market to launch.”

Guillemot wasn’t specific about how many Wii U units that Nintendo would have to sell before it was considered “mass market”. In fact, he said that Ubisoft doesn’t have a number in mind.

“We don’t have a number,” he stated. “We need the sales to increase so it becomes more and more mass market then we will have the volume that will justify massive marketing and TV marketing.”

Mario Kart 8 pushed more Wii U units than any other Wii U title, selling a staggering number of 1.2 million copies, and that makes me puzzled as to why Ubisoft would hold back the announcement of this title at their press conference.

Yves said that Ubisoft would most likely wait for the release of Super Smash Bros. 4 on the Wii U simply because more Wii U units will be sold around that time.

“I think we have to wait for Smash Bros. to come,” he said. “Smash Bros has always been a big, big property for Nintendo and for gamers. And we all know that there are lots of Nintendo fans that are waiting for big games to come. We know they are coming. We don’t know if they will still be there. I think when I speak with the fans that come to E3, 90 percent of them are crazy Nintendo fans. They really love Nintendo and the games they do.”

What do you think that Ubisoft’s new title will be? What do you think about their decision to wait until after the release of Smash Bros. 4? We’d love to know! Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Polygon Via: My Nintendo News

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