E3 2014 – Miyamoto Hopes to Complete the Development of Star Fox Wii U by Next Year

StarFox Wii U E3 2014

At Nintendo’s E3 2014 Digital Event, Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo of Japan spoke shortly about the upcoming Star Fox Wii U title while a separate presentation focused on two of their other upcoming games, Project Guard and Project Giant Robot.

Over the course of his short talk, Miyamoto said that the team at Nintendo had already delved into full development of the game and said that the game was “progressing well”.

“We have gone into full development and it’s progressing well,” he said. “We’re going to be showing it to everybody as soon as we feel it’s totally ready, but we’re planning on completing it within about a year from now, so I hope everyone will be looking forward to Star Fox on Wii U.”

Star Fox Wii U Logo E3 2014

What are your thoughts on Star Fox for Wii U?

Things haven’t always gone so smoothly for Nintendo and Star Fox, however. Earlier this week, Miyamoto said that the team at Nintendo had a six-year struggle with creating a Star Fox title for the immensely popular Wii console.

Miyamoto explained that the struggle resulted in Nintendo carrying over some of the same assets.

“So instead we moved experimentation to the Wii U using some of the same assets,” he explained. “It’s been maybe 6 to 10 months that we’ve been experimenting with it.”

It’s great to see that a new Star Fox title has found its way to the Wii U, and it’ll be very exciting to see what’s in store for this game as more gameplay features and story details are revealed for this title.

Are you excited for the release of Star Fox U? What are your speculations? Sound off in the comments section below!

Source: CVG Via: Destructoid

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