Dragon Quest X and XI Announced for NX

As expected from a premature leak, Draqon Quest XI was announced this morning for PS4 and 3DS. Square Enix surprised everyone by announcing that not only would Dragon Quest XI also be coming to Nintendo’s upcoming NX, but the MMO Dragon Quest X is NX-bound as well. Square later clarified to IGN that the NX is under consideration rather than outright confirmed for the platform.

As for Dragon Quest XI itself, it will go back to being a single-player experience with traditional series trappings. The PS4 version is being handled by Orca (with series veterans Level-5 on board in a capacity), and displays in full-HD running on the Unreal 4 engine.

The 3DS version, developed by Toy Logic, is unique in that the top screen displays full-polygonal graphics, while the touch screen shows the world in 2D. Enter a battle using the Circle Pad, and it plays out in 3D, while doing the same with the D-Pad shows everything in classic 2D sprites.

Dragon Quest XI has only been announced for the Japanese market for a 2016 release, in time for the series’ 30th anniversary. Square Enix doesn’t have concrete plans for a western release as of yet, but will “consider it as [it has] done in the past for other Dragon Quest titles.” The last major Dragon Quest to launch in the west was 2010’s Dragon Quest IX, as co-published by Nintendo.

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