Dragon Quest VIII: Tale of the Stereoscopic 3D-less 3DS Game

Let’s be honest: it’s pretty dang cool that Dragon Quest VIII, one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved JRPGs for the PS2, is heading to Nintendo 3DS. How Square Enix is cramming a sprawling, downright ginormous title into a single tiny cartridge is way beyond my cognitive capacity, but I’d wager there’s some very busy Slimes working over-time on this one.

But alas, the conversion from behemoth console game to slick portable experience is not without its drawbacks. Famitsu magazine recently revealed that Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS will not support stereoscopic 3D. Sort of a shame considering the recent 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII (from what I can gather) sported the feature.

Also somewhat disappointing were some recent comparative screenshots between the PS2 and 3DS versions of DQVIII which showed that environments in the 3DS port will be a little less robust in the visual department, though that’s to be expected considering the sheer size of the original game. Either way, I’d still want to play this on my 3DS.

Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS will be released this summer in Japan with no western release in sight, but take a look at what Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto told Siliconera last year:

“From Dragon Quest VIII and beyond, we’ve revamped the translation. For example, we’ve added regional twangs like those from Baltic regions sounding Russian and things like that. We’ve also updated the spells and monster names, so any classic titles we revisit, we want to say consistent. That being said, when we go back and update the classic titles, we make these changes. That’s another step in the process.”

Well, well, well. Since Dragon Quest VIII already meets Square Enix’s localization standards, the process would be far less of an undertaking than past entries, or so says Fujimoto. I’d personally like to think that his words indicate Square Enix would be more inclined to release this 3DS version in the west because most of the work has already been done in a sense.

Let’s hope the company’s upcoming E3 conference will yield some good news.

[Via Siliconera]
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