Double Dosing on New 3DS Rumors

New Nintendo 3DS

Last week saw the big news that selective Club Nintendo members in Europe would have the chance to purchase the New Nintendo 3DS early. The Ambassador Edition offer continued to roll out to more members until January 12th, the day that the offer expires. This was doubtless a hint at the imminent release of the anticipated redesign, but now new evidence points further at a release very soon.

Earlier today, GameStop Italy posted pre-order pages for the various colors to launch in Europe, albiet without a firm release date. The colors Europe is to receive are the same ones Japan got: white and black for the smaller New 3DS, and metallic blue and black for the XL version. They look to be priced at 169.98 Euro and 199.99 Euro respectively. Should they launch in the States, they would roughly equate to $169.99 and $199.99 each, the same prices as the regular 3DS and XL.

Speaking of, sparks fly of a new rumor regarding the North American release of the New 3DS. We’ve been wondering why the States have heard nothing of a release date for the portable, but no more. Reported via Gamnesia, GameStop’s upper management says that promotional material for the New 3DS has arrived to stores, but they aren’t allowed to be displayed yet. Unfortunately, no release date is attached to this material yet, but a trade-in program is already in the works. According to this rumor, trading in a regular 3DS for the New 3DS will net you $75, while trading in the XL model will score $100 in credit.

Better yet, the new systems could launch very soon, with GameStop listing a release date of February 13th.

We will continue to follow rumors on the New 3DS until a release date and pricing are finally at hand.

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