Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to have Online Leaderboards

Yes, this new installment to the Donkey Kong Country series is including an Online Leaderboard system.

Here are the following details listed for this newly integrated feature:

– Global Top Rank allows you to to view top records from around the world
– Global Player Rank shows records surrounding your current rank
– Friends Top Rank lists the rankings of those on your friend list
– post one replay video per level
– you can update this video only when you beat your best time on a level
– ranking screen shows a medal, which is awarded based on your time
– camera icon indicates whether a viewable replay is available
– heart icon shows that the stage was cleared without taking damage
– Kong buddy icon tells you which buddy was used in a course


Is this something you would look forward to in the upcoming Donkey Kong Country game? If so, be prepared to show the world what you got, and barrel blast your way to the high ranks!

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