Developer Behind Rune Factory Series Closing Down

The Rune Factory games are Japanese RPGs that invite you to fish, farm and socialise as well as make weapons, fight monsters and dive into dungeons. Fans would tell you that it’s taken the Harvest Moon concept in more interesting directions than the core series in recent years. -IGN

Neverland, the developer behind this game series, says that the development process of games it has made have been sluggish in recent years due to recent changes in the business environment, and as a result has ended the company up in a huge financial situation.

Unsuccessful attempts have been made to keep this company up and running but sadly, Neverland says that Rune Factory 5 isn’t likely.

What are your thoughts on the company’s decision to close down? Do you think there could’ve been a greater effort put in to keep this company running?

[via: IGN, Siliconera]

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