DeNA West: First Nintendo Mobile Collaboration Announcement “Soon”

Nintendo Smartphone

According to DeNA West’s Chief Executive Officer Shintaro Asako, the first game in Nintendo’s mobile initiative is very close to its announcement. Speaking at VentureBeat 2015, he said that while he couldn’t talk specifics of the deal, the first game will be announced soon.

Soon, we should be able to announce the game. I can’t say too much about the Nintendo deal, but it’s a really exciting initiative. It’s a really long-term initiative.

This is not the first tease of DeNA’s long-anticipated mobile game collaboration with Nintendo. Last week, Dr. Serkan Toto hinted on Twitter that the announcement was forthcoming very soon based on insider information.

From late-2015 through March 2017, the two companies will deliver five mobile games for iOS and Android, hence the “long-term initiative”. Nintendo is handling development of the software while DeNA will handle the online infrastructure.

DeNA has great ambitions for their partnership with Nintendo. They plan to make $25 million a month through revenue generated by Nintendo’s mobile software. DeNA’s Isao Moriyasu wants its mobile games to reach hundreds of millions of people. he told Reuters earlier this year, “we want to create multiple hit games rather than aiming to succeed with just one powerful IP element.”

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